Baby Gifts and Keepsakes for the Summer and Beyond

Baby gifts RattleThe summer’s here!

Everyone has baby fever and Britain’s fortunate weather this summer has just put that extra gleam in everyone’s eyes.With this summer  also welcoming the royal new born… one can only imagine the expense of the baby gifts to be lavished on the young prince.

If you have recently had the pleasure of bringing your very own into this world or know someone who has, you could now be thinking of how to commemorate this incredible event. With silver being the traditional way of wishing a baby wealth and health, what better way to create that cherished memory?

We were delighted to reveal brand new this summer, two sterling silver and enamel keepsake boxes. Impeccable gifts to house irreplaceable occasions such as the loss of the first tooth.

Baby Gifts Tooth Fairy

The first is a colourful take on the extremely popular plain silver tooth fairy. Red and white enamel adorn the silver base to give a toadstool appearance. Once again the gold plated solid silver fairy perches on top to complete the fairy tale setting. The Toadstool Keepsake would be perfect for either a boy or girl.

Baby Gifts Bear Keepsake

The second is a real classic. The Runny Honey Keepsake is a sound reminder of the definitive children’s story. The gold plated solid silver bear sits on top of the sterling silver honey pot with yellow enamel trickling round the edges. A fun and playful addition to the new born baby gifts set.

Both items could be engraved to give that personal touch and quality guaranteeing sterling silver hallmarks are present as ever. Don’t hesitate to consider these items alongside the plethora of other exquisite baby gifts on offer. These include sterling silver rattles and baby spoons to name but a few. Let’s make this the summer of silver!

University Graduate Silver Gift Ideas

Pre-School_GraduationTo many of us, the proudest day of our lives. Its the day our baby/budding adult adorns the gown and mortarboard and takes, potentially, their final walk in academia. They are finally a university graduate.

At last we are given assurances that the country is exiting its extended period of financial plight and the opportunities for the new college or university graduate are finally there. So what’s next?

Whether it’s a new job or the host of interviews the next process in life entails, your son/daughter will need to look the smartest they ever have to really succeed. It’s that first impression we are all warned about. Every box must be ticked from suit to hairstyle, but how to really stand out?

Silver, with its ever growing popularity would be the perfect styling gift to the modern young professional.


How about a pair of Classic and Elegant Cufflinks to garnish the wrists and give that gleaming edge during that first interview? For only £50 for a pair of Solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks, why not help start your son/daughters successful future. Engrave these beautiful items to really give that personal touch.

A Silver Pen would also be the perfect complement to the university graduate get-up. Throw in a Sterling Silver Bookmark and they will really be on their way to ousting that thrifty student lifestyle and beginning their climb to the peak of elegance and stature – or so we hope!

Even if it’s just a keepsake you’re after, a silver frame with a 925 Sterling Guarantee will be the ideal housing for the cherished memory the photo provides. Both outliving the moment and to be reminisced upon for years to come.


All of these items have the quality bearing hallmarks and have the full potential to be engraved with any sentimental message you wish to pass on.

So when thinking of the perfect gift; think silver, think quality and think of the smile on your face as the ones most important to you continue to make you make the happiest person on earth.

Grad. Picture ref


All Saints Road Street Festival

We are delighted to let you know that the All Saints Road is having a festival this weekend on the 21st and 22nd of June to celebrate the Summer Solstice. The event will kick off on the evening of the 21st evening with late night shopping, special previews and master classes at many of the retailers along with live music in The Pelican and The Rum Kitchen.

 We are also delighted that we will be hosting 2 film screening of “Pressure” and “Mangrove Nine” – two iconic movies made about or around the All Saints Road. One of the screenings is scheduled to be outside on the street and the other will be hosted in the garden of the Tin Shed.


 There is something for everyone on Saturday with stalls all day on the street and special discounts for shoppers. On Saturday there will be a lot of fun for the whole family with a Children Bicycle Workshop, Hat Making Workshops from The Candy Milliner, ballet and street dance workshops as well as pony rides courtesy of the West London Stables.

 We will also be holding a “how to look after your heirlooms” stall where you will be able to obtain invaluable advice from a Master Silversmith in how to care for your silver, understand the meaning of the hallmarks and it history and also any queries regarding the condition of your silver possessions.  So please feel free to bring along the items in question and we look forward to seeing you!

You can find out more on All Saints Road’s Facebook Page



Wedding Favours & Gifts

Looking for that special touch to finish of your wedding day? We have a full range of gift ideas for any occasion.

So the best man’s all set and you want to thank him, but what? Well we have a great number of gift ideas for every best man. Why not a beautiful 925 Sterling Silver money clip or a Sterling Silver Business card holder?

To thank your bridesmaid or any other female member that has helped with all your wedding plans, a great idea would be a Sterling silver handbag mirror decorated with a large feature hallmarks or a Sterling Silver Perfume atomiser.

If you want something different to the usual, why not include an expertly engraved message to your silver gift? Most of our products can be engraved to add uniqueness. Prices start from only £15.

All of our Silver Wedding favours and gifts bears the English hallmark and is of the highest quality silver.


Give them a Gift

Give them a Gift
Managing a business of any size, the level of staff morale is one of the hardest things to control.

This fickle beast is affected by numerous factors that are outside of our control.

One thing that is controllable here is the simple way achievements are rewarded and how these are appreciated by the people around them. One way of doing this is by providing your staff with corporate gifts as a way of enhancing the morale of an individual or a team. Corporate gifts are a way of showing staff their efforts have been noticed and that they are not being taken for granted, but if you are considering using Corporate gifts for the motivational benefits they can have on staff, which items should you choose?

Make Them Look Good
When it comes to gifts for any occasion, first impressions are everything. You don’t want to have spent time, money and effort choosing a gift for the recipient to not be blown away by it when you hand it over, so making sure your gift looks great is a vital first start if you want your Corporate gifts to carry motivational benefits.
You don’t have to break the bank in order to get this effect and items with a high perceived value such as silver Corporate gifts can achieve this even if you are on a modest budget.

Make Them Practical
If you give your recipients something that they will use every day then that will give much more longevity to the motivational benefits of your Corporate gifts. Combine this with having a good looking gift and you may well end up with the recipients’ friends asking where they got it from, making you sound even better when their response is “well I never get anything like that from my work”!
Being motivated at work all stems from a feeling of being appreciated and knowing that your employers are going the extra mile for you, give them something that looks great and that they’ll use every day and this will help to increase the motivational effects of the gift.

Corporate gifts aren’t Just for Christmas!
As with any gifts, it’s all about the surprise. While it is important to recognise your staff at Christmas, the motivational effects of your gifts won’t be as great then as if you take them by surprise. Time your Corporate gifts to coincide with the end of a particularly gruelling project or to reward a recent success so that the recipient knows that the gift is to reward their special effort.
Corporate gifts can be an effective way of increasing motivation in a workforce but there are a few key guidelines that you should stick to in order to get the maximum benefit from your gifts.


Groomsmen Gift Ideas

The gift for the groomsman is your way of saying thanks: from renting the tuxedo to helping Grandma Ethel down the aisle, and not saying anything too obscene during the reception toast.

Here are some great groomsmen gift ideas.

1. Look for something you wish you had, but could never picture buying for yourself. For example, when was the last time you purchased a Sterling Silver Money Clip or a Sterling Silver Cigar Cutter? Go for something luxurious!

2. Go for guy things — it’s as easy as that. A Sterling Silver Flask is one of the all-time greatest groomsman gifts: classic, yet occasionally practical, with an unabashed male-bonding quality that’s hard to beat for its price.

3. Don’t get anything that has your blushing bride’s signature on it. The groomsman gift is your final good-bye to bachelor life – a last token high five. Make sure your buddies can tell the present comes from you.

4. You should avoid gifts that are excessively flamboyant, ridiculously cheap, or still breathing — but this doesn’t mean you have to choose something boring.

5. The best and easiest way to ensure your gift has that personal touch is to add a monogram. A well-placed set of initials can spice up even the most gift. Most of our products can be engraved to add uniqueness to your sterling silver gift, to celebrate an event or simply a thank you.

6. Your best man’s gift should say, in a personal and generous manner, “Thanks for helping make my walk down the plank so trouble-free and memorable.” Still, you don’t have to break the bank to show your gratitude. Once again, the more personalized the effort, the more meaningful the message.